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Tablet stand iPad & Phone holder PRO (2 in 1) – 75 cm

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Are you in search for a tablet stand iPad & phone holder 75 cm, that puts your mobile screen exactly the height and way you want it? Meet GOOS-E®. Thanks to its extra long and strong flexible gooseneck, you always reach the perfect (viewing) position. Handy and extremely comfortable. For example attached to your bed, desk during video calls, reading or watching a film. 😃


  • Maximum viewing comfort and ergonomics
  • Long flexible and stable gooseneck 75 cm
  • PRO holder for tablet + phone (2 in 1)
  • Strong, safe & stylish NL design


✅ The new universal PRO holder has an smart and compact design. The unique shape makes the holder suitable for all tablets, iPad and smartphones, from 6 inches up to as much as 14 inches. A tablet cover or phone case (up to 16 mm thick) also fits perfectly. And your screen is securely gripped at 3 points thanks to a clever spring system. The tablet can be deployed with 1 simple hand movement.

✅ The extra long 75 cm flexible gooseneck is sturdy and therefor very stable. With 2 hands, you bend it into any conceivable position and bring your screen to the ideal height. The first 20 cm it is solid. The next 55 cm – up to the screen –  fully flexible and bendable in the perfect position. Depending your total screen weight, you can slightly or further bend it. We advice a max weight of 800 grams.

Thanks to the 360-degree rotation button, you adjust the screen to the right viewing angle. So you always experience optimal ergonomics.

✅ And thanks to the unique metal 2-way clamp, you can mount your iPad, tablet or phone virtually anywhere. Both horizontally, e.g. at your desk. As well as vertically upright, e.g. at your bed’s edge.


💡 TIP 25% Bundle Discount:

Would you like to put your tablet or phone anywhere too, perhaps?  Simply add an extra stable base stand among accessories. After all, GOOS-E® is modular. You receive a 25% discount on all accessories.

Are you looking for maximum comfort and great functional design? Then order here your ultimate Tablet stand iPad & phone holder PRO 75 cm  👉

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This package contains:

Flexible gooseneck 75cm
PRO holder 6-14 inch
2-way metal clamp

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