Special offers

To make your shopping at GOOS-E even more fun, you can find our current promotions here.

Free mobile phone holder

Buy a GOOS-E complete package with stable stand + clamp, and get a free mobile phone holder as a gift (worth 24 euros)! So you can experience even more mobile comfort and fun!

  1.  Choose your tablet holder with stand + clamp
  2. Add your mobile phone holder
  3. You will get the Phoneholder for free (Euro 24 discount)!

*Combining promotions is not possible

25% bundle discount on accessories

Want to add extra accessories? Maybe a longer or shorter gooseneck, a special clamp or extra colour base-cover? Add the accessories to your order and receive a 25% bundle discount.

Giving you even more flexibility!

  1. Choose your product
  2. Add your accessory
  3. You will get 25% discount on your accessorie!

*Combining promotions is not possible