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iPad & tablet holders, choose your favorite stand!

Are you looking for a highly flexible tablet holder or iPad stand? Here you will find the holder that you can put down or clamp, how and wherever you want.

Whether you have an iPad, iPad Pro, Samsung Tab or Microsoft Surface, GOOS-E has the solution for every type of iPad or tablet. And no position or place is too crazy!

Thanks to the powerful and extremely flexible gooseneck, you can bring your tablet screen into the most comfortable position. Choose here from one of the many types of tablet holders.

Working ergonomically with your iPad

Did you know, besides its practical function, an iPad stand or tablet holder also has a protective function? We often hear that tablet use may lead to neck and shoulder complaints.

There is even an official name for complaints caused by the frequent use of your tablet: the iPad neck or Tablet neck. You are sitting at your desk or on the couch in the wrong position, which may lead to complaints.

With GOOS-E tablet holder you can position your iPad in the most optimal and comfortable position. So it ensures that you do not hang over your tablet or that you have to hold it unnaturally. Just always the best ergonomic position.

Experience more convenience, pleasure & joy!