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Auto Bus Tablet houder Telefoonhouder PRO 75 cm GOOS-E® Auto Bus tablet houder iPad houder Telefoonhouder PRO GOOS-E® Auto Tablet houder + Telefoonhouder PRO Auto Tablet houder + Telefoonhouder PRO GOOS-E Auto-houder-clip-optioneel Auto-tablet-houder-stoelklem-rail Tablet-holder-iPad-PRO-2in1-GOOS-E Tablet-holder-iPad-PRO-2in1-GOOS-E Autoklem stoelrail van metaal Car-seat-wingnut-gooseneck-GOOS-E® video
Auto Bus Tablet houder Telefoonhouder PRO 75 cm GOOS-E®

Car Van Tablet holder + Phone holder PRO (2 in 1) 6-13 inch – 75 cm

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NEW : With this extra-long Car Van Tablet holder & phone holder PRO 75 cm you simply place your mobile screen exactly the way you like it. Made for cars or vans with higher seats. The dashboard and windscreen remain free. So you will enjoy maximum visibility. An ideal holder for your trip or journey!

The benefits

  • Optimal view & driving pleasure
  • Tablet holder + phone holder 6-13 inch
  • Long neck 75 cm – for high-sitting car or bus
  • Unique metal seat clamp
  • Safe & stylish Dutch design


✅ This extra-long neck is 75 cm long. Especially for cars or vans with high seats.  For yourself or a passenger. But possibly also for the children in the back.

The first 20 cm the neck is fixed (straight), the upper 55 cm it can be flexibly shaped. You bend it into the optimum position with 2 hands. Then you simply bend the screen to the right viewing angle. The windscreen and dashboard remain completely free.

The long neck moves slightly while driving. A small clip set is included to stabilise the neck additionally to the dashboard or the centre console if necessary. Check if your car or bus also offers this option.

The unique metal seat clamp attaches securely in / or under the seat rail. So no worries about the iPad or tablet falling down. The neck can be easily attached but also quickly detached if necessary thanks to the handy wing nut fastening.

The PRO holder (2 in 1) has been updated. Thanks to its smart and compact 3-point design, the holder is now suitable for both tablet and phone. From 6 to no less than 13 inches. The handy spring system secures the iPad or smartphone easily, quickly and safely. Even a thin case or cover poses no problem (up to 16 mm thick). However, we recommend a maximum weight of 750 grams.

Tip: Every car and van  is different. Before ordering, check the correct height from the seat rail and whether your seat bolt can be loosened in the rail. For example, with an Allen or Torx (multi-tooth) spanner.

💡25% discount

GOOS-E® is a unique modular system. So you can also easily create it yourself. Parts and variations can be found under accessories. You receive a 25% discount at checkout. For example, an extra clamp for your desk or bed, or a stable base for placing it anywhere. Simply more joy!

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This package contains:

Flexible gooseneck 75cm
Tablet + Phoneholder PRO (2 in 1)
Metal seat clamp
Clipset (optional use)

Suitable for