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Phone holders, for the greatest comfort and joy

Are you looking for a phone holder that allows you to put your phone in virtually any position? Here you will find the holder that you can clamp and position just the way you want it. You will have your both hands fully free. Ideal for video calls, watching films are taking the perfect pictures.

Due to due one-touch-click button, your phone is quickly and securely fastened. You can rotate and twist the screen in any direction so you always achieve the most optimal view.

Thanks to the powerful and extremely flexible gooseneck arm, you can bring your smartphone into the most comfortable position. And don’t worry, this gooseneck doesn’t jump around after touching it 😉 You can choose between different gooseneck lengths to suit your situation

  • Bike phone holder mount PLUS GOOS-E®

    Phone holder bike

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  • Phone holder – 55 cm gooseneck arm

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  • Phone holder – 75 cm gooseneck arm

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  • telefoonhouder smartphone houder

    Universal Phone holder

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