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Tablet Holders, flexible with multi-use clamp

Here you will find the Tablet stand iPad holder that you can easily clamp and fixate, how and wherever you want. GOOS-E® will perfectly support your screen just the way like it. Choose one of your GOOS-E® tablet holder iPad and Phoneholders.  👉

  • iPad & tablet holder 9-11 inch, gooseneck 55 cm & clamp

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  • Tablet-stand-iPad-Phone-holder-PRO-gooseneck-55-cm GOOS-E

    Tablet stand iPad & Phoneholder PRO (2 in 1) 55 cm

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  • Tablet stand iPad & Phone holder PRO (2 in 1) 35 cm

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  • Tablet-stand-iPad-Phone-holder-PRO-75cm-clamp-GOOS-E®

    Tablet stand iPad & Phone holder PRO (2 in 1) – 75 cm

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Whether you have an iPad, iPad Pro, Samsung Tab or Microsoft Surface, GOOS-E® has the solution for every type of iPad or tablet. And no position or place is too crazy!

Thanks to the powerful and extremely flexible gooseneck, you can bring your tablet screen into the most comfortable position. Choose here from one of the many types of tablet holders.