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Our story

The idea for GOOS-E® came to life during a short sick bed of my girlfriend. Looking for solutions to stay in touch with colleagues, family and friends we wanted to make maximum use of our tablet and phone in a convenient way to stay connected.

We wanted a holder that was flexible enough to allow us to use our screens in multiple comfortable positions, and of course ideally hands-free. Whether in bed, the bath, working from the desk or on the sofa, we needed a device to do it all. After a frustrating search it turned out that a reliable and flexible solution matching the beautiful iPad simply did not exist. So, the idea for GOOS-E® was born.

GOOS-E® is pronounced “Goesie”. The name is a reference to the extremely flexible gooseneck and the quirky but loveable goose. Over recent years our “goose” has flown to thousands of satisfied people in Holland, Europe and even further abroad. We’re really happy to receive messages from happy users every day. Sometimes with new uses or applications we didn’t even imagine. GOOS-E® often offers great help! Something we are quite proud of.

founder GOOS-E