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Bike phone holder mount PLUS GOOS-E®video Phone holder mount Perfect vision - GOOS-E®-optimaal-zicht GOOS-E Phone holder mount Stylish design - GOOS-E® Phone holder mount complete set - GOOS-E® Tablet-Stand-iPad-holder-phone-overview-GOOS-E
Bike phone holder mount PLUS GOOS-E®

Phone holder bike

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NEW: Looking for a handy phone holder bike with maximum visibility during your bike ride?

This stylish cell phone holder brings your phone screen just a little closer. It allows you to read the screen more easily. Ideal for navigating with google maps or any other route program. Or to have a clear screen during your exercise bike session. And with this phone mount bicycle hands-free calling and cycling becomes safer and more fun!

The advantages 

✅  Perfect view, brings the screen up to 7 cm closer
✅  Universal holder for all brands of phones
✅  Sturdy & stylish design
✅  Shock resistant
✅  For any type of steering handlebar ⌀ 2 -3 cm :

E.g. bike, city bike, hometrainer, exercise bike, scooter, moped, stroller or golf cart.  

Optimal visibility, maximum readability.
The screen can be rotated and tilted 360 degrees. As a result, you always have the perfect viewing angle. You can also move the screen up to 7 cm closer. In other words, you can determine the distance yourself. You thus enjoy optimal visibility and excellent readability.

Suitable for many handlebar types.
Thanks to the 3 included rubbers, this bike holder is suitable for all handlebar types between ⌀ 2.0 to 3.0 cm thick. Please check your handlebar thickness before ordering. Thanks to the rubbers, the holder is always firmly attached. It is easy to assemble. A small handy wrench set is included.

For all brands of phones with and without a case.
Thanks to the sturdy straps, you can safely secure any phone. This also absorbs road shocks flawlessly. During a (sometimes) “bumby” ride, nice right? 😊

Quality design.
GOOS-E® phone holder bicycle has a light and elegant design. Sturdy and robust. But also stylish thanks to its curves and fine finish. In short, with this phone holder bike you are guaranteed to be safe & comfortable on the road.

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