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Tablet houder PRO met voet 55 cm GOOS-Evideo Tablet houder bank GOOS-E Tablet houder bureau GOOS-E flexibele tablethouder tablet-houder-voet-goose tablet-houder-ipad-standaard-alle-standen-GOOS-E Tablet houder iPad houder uitgerekt GOOS-E Tablet-holder-iPad-PRO-2in1-GOOS-E Tablet-holder-iPad-PRO-2in1-GOOS-E
Tablet houder PRO met voet 55 cm GOOS-E

iPad & tablet holder PRO 6-14 inch, gooseneck 55 cm

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This highly flexible iPad stand, tablet holder PRO-XL puts your screen exactly where you want it.

The stable and solid base (4 kg) will hold your tablet or iPad firmly into place. And the extra 2-way clamp attaches your tablet anywhere you want. Horizontally for instance at your desk or vertically on the side of your bed. So you can change your place and position anytime.

The strong and flexible gooseneck bends easily in any given position. And the holder is suitable for many tablets from 9 up to 14 inches, including covers (see specifications).

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This package contains:

Flexible gooseneck 55cm
Stable base (4,5 kg)
Universal PRO holder 6-14 inch

Suitable for