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Tablet stand iPad + Phone holder PRO (2 in 1) with base – 75 cm

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Comfort & joy, all combined in this long and strong, well appreciated “friend” .. 😊

In short:

  • Tablet stand iPad + Phone holder PRO (2 in 1) 6-14 inches
  • Long strong gooseneck 75 cm
  • Stylish stable base (> 4 kg)
  • All conceivable screen positions – 360º
  • Maximum ergonomic viewing comfort
  • Strong & safe Dutch design


Are you looking for an extremely comfortable “buddy” for your tablet, iPad and mobile phone? With this tablet stand + phone holder PRO 100 cm, you can position your screen exactly the way you want it. Place it in front of your chair, sofa, bed or lovely bath and you will enjoy it for hours!


✅ A smart and compact holder. Thanks to the unique 3-point design, you can easily place your screen in the holder. It is suitable for tablet, iPad and smartphone alike. From 6 to as much as 14 inches. By means of a 4-way spring system, your screen is firmly secured and you can safely move it to all positions. It also fits a case cover up to 16 mm thick.

✅ A round solid and stable base stand. Beautifully designed and weighs a whopping 4.8 kg. Place it on a stable surface and it will stand firmly and “proudly” 😊

✅ A strong flexible gooseneck. Powerful yet easily bendable. It has a soft silicone coating. This makes it extra graceful.

The first 20 cm it is straight, the remaining 55 cm you bend with 2 hands in every conceivable position. Depending on the screen weight, you can bend the neck slightly, or slightly further, into the desired position. You will thus always experience optimal ergonomics and maximum viewing comfort. We recommend a maximum weight of 800 grams.


💡 Tip: also place this tablet holder iPad stand on a (plant) roller and it will happily go with you.

💡 25% bundle discount: Do you also want to be able to clamp your tablet or phone somewhere? Then add an extra clamp under accessories and you will receive 25% discount at checkout.

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This package contains:

Strong gooseneck 75 cm
Stable base (4,5 kg)
Universal PRO holder 6-14 inch

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