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Auto Tablet houder

Tablet holder Car 9-11 inch

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This highly flexible tablet holder Car, puts your screen exactly where you want it.

The special Car clamp goes into the passenger seat-rail. It will hold your tablet or iPad firmly into place. And no worries, it simply can’t fall down. The best advantage you will have your dashboard and front window fully free. And you can also attach it into the back. From now on you’ll only need 1 iPad for the children as the screen can be bend into the middle. While driving in sharp curves it will move just a little, but so do we 😉 This Car tablet holder definitely brings you the greatest joy to ride!

Tip: before ordering check if the seat rail bolt is easily loosened

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This package contains:

Flexible gooseneck 55cm
Universal carseat clamp 9-11 inch
Carseat clamp

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