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Tablet-houder-Telefoonhouder-PRO-35cm-lichte-voet-GOOS-E Tablet houder Telefoonhouder klein & fijn GOOS-E Tablet houder Telefoonhouder klein & fijn GOOS-E Tablet-holder-iPad-PRO-2in1-GOOS-E Tablet houder Telefoonhouder PRO open GOOS-E Telefoonhouder-PRO-35cm-lichte-voet-GOOSE Tablet-houder-Telefoonhouder-PRO-35cm-lichte-voet-GOOSE Tablet-houder-Telefoonhouder-PRO-35cm-lichte-voet-GOOSE Tablet houder & Telefoonhouder lichte voet GOOS-E

Tablet holder + Phone holder PRO (2 in 1) with stand 35 cm “small & fine”.

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  • Tablet holder + Phone holder (2 in 1) 6-14 inch
  • Powerful gooseneck 35 cm
  • Light compact base (1 kg)
  • All conceivable screen positions – 360 degrees
  • Maximum ergonomic viewing comfort
  • Strong, safe & stylish NL design


This new stylish tablet holder / iPad stand + phone holder PRO is small & fine 😊 It brings your mobile screen up to 35 cm height. Place it next to your Mac, PC or behind your laptop, for example. Handy during online meetings, video calling, reading or watching a film.

✅ The new PRO holder has an attractive and compact design. This unique design makes the holder suitable for both tablets and smartphones, from 6 inches up to as much as 14 inches. A tablet cover or phone case (up to 16 mm thick) also fits perfectly. Your tablet, iPad or phone is securely gripped at 3 points thanks to a clever spring system.

✅ The short flexible gooseneck of 35 cm is nice and sturdy. With 2 hands, you bend it into position. It brings the centre of your screen to around 35 cm. For example, exactly above your laptop screen.

✅ The compact square base of around 1 kg keeps your tablet or phone in an excellent position. At this short neck length, this slightly lighter base is sufficient.

Do you also want to be able to clamp your tablet or phone somewhere? Then add a separate 2-way clamp or choose one of the accessories (with 25% discount at checkout).

Looking for maximum comfort and love a beautiful and functional design?

Then choose this compact and stylish GOOS-E iPad stand + phone holder PRO.

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This package contains:

Universele houder 6-14 inch (tablet + telefoon)
Flexibele hals 35cm
Kleine lichte voet (1 kg)

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