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The perfect Car tablet holder – for front & back of the car

Are you regularly on the road and looking for a suitable car tablet holder? A car holder or iPad stand comes in handy when you have to cover long and short distances. By taking a tablet with you in your car, you can let your fellow passengers watch a film or series. During a long holiday trip, for example. But even during a short drive, you as a driver can use the tablet as an extra large navigation screen, for example. GOOS-E has developed a tablet holder car that is flexibly bendable. That way, as a driver or passenger, you experience more pleasure from the iPad or tablet during your trip. 

Car tablet holder Usage

In practice, we see that a car tablet holder car is ordered for a variety of reasons.

Car Tablet holder iPad mount front seat

Car tablet holder for Navigation

We increasingly hear about tablets being used as extra-large navigation devices. However, not every dashboard has the space to attach an iPad. On top of this, a navigation system or a phone takes up space on the windscreen. While you prefer to keep your car’s windscreen free. With the tablet holder car from GOOS-E, this doesn’t bother you.

Car tablet holder as Movie screen

Going on holiday or need to travel long distances with the kids? Watching a film on the tablet is an excellent pastime. Thanks to its flexible and long neck, the tablet can be installed not only in the front but also in the back of the car. In fact, you place the special car clamp in the front or back rails of the passenger seat. This way, even children in the back of the car can use the tablet. And the advantage is that the iPad can be placed in the middle of the car. So a 2nd iPad for 2 children is no longer necessary.

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Car tablet holder iPad mount back seat

Tablet holder car - perfect for passengers

Of course, the tablet holder car is also ideal for the passenger sitting next to you. This is because the tablet can easily be operated by the fellow passenger while driving.

Ergonomically, the tablet is also better used when it is in the holder than when someone has it on their lap. In the car, you prefer not to have an iPad lying around loose. Watching a film on the road is extremely comfortable. With the tablet holder car from GOOS-E, the iPad is firmly fixed to the bottom plate of the car. In bends, it will move slightly with you, but so do we ;).

Answering e-mails while on the way

For sales representatives, drivers and people who are on the road a lot, the tablet holder car is ideal when e-mails need to be answered on the road. During a free moment, this can be processed in a pleasant way. So you always stay up to date quickly.

Advantages of the GOOS-E car tablet holders

A mobile phone holder is often used in a car. A GOOS-E tablet holder has a few advantages over a phone holder, namely:

  • The windscreen remains completely free
  • The tablet screen is larger and therefore more comfortable
  • You can position the tablet exactly as you like
  • It will never fall, as it is fixed to the base plate

Tablet holder car, how to install

The tablet holders we supply come with a special car clamp. You attach this car clamp in the rail of the passenger seat. Then you can push the neck of the tablet holder into the clamp and tighten it. The neck is secured with a wing nut. So you can quickly and easily remove it from the seat clamp. You click the tablet itself into the holder. Thanks to a spring system, you don’t need to adjust anything. The iPad is immediately firmly and securely fastened. And the tablet can be taken out of the holder again in no time.

By permanently installing the tablet holder under the passenger seat, you can choose for whom the tablet screen is intended. You can rotate the holder towards the passenger seat and the driver’s seat. If you place the GOOS-E in the back of the car, you can also rotate the screen towards the centre. This gives passengers (possibly children) sitting in the back a good view of the tablet screen.

Important to know:

Every car and seat is different. Check beforehand whether the bolt or nut on the seat rail can be loosened (e.g. with an inbus, allen or torx key).

For which tablets suitable?

The car tablet holders are suitable for tablets from 6 to up to 14 inches. Furthermore, the holders are universal and suitable for many models of different brands. Think of brands like Lenovo, Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia, Sony and Apple. For the very large tablets such as the iPad PRO 12.9 inch or the wider Samsung TAB, the GOOS-E PRO holder is available.

Car Phone holder.

Besides the tablet holder, there is now also a mobile phone holder. This holder allows you to position the smartphone exactly as you like it. So also in the car.

Thanks to a handy “one touch click” system, you press the phone into the holder with one movement. So no fiddling with settings. And it is instantly secure. You can easily swap the phone holder and tablet holder.

So you always have a handy extra screen on the go. Read more about the GOOS-E smartphone holder here.

GOOS-E story

The origin of our tablet holders and phone holders comes from the fact that several years ago, we ourselves were looking for a flexible holder. One that could be used in different places and in different positions. At that time, we could not find a suitable holder. Eventually, we decided to develop a tablet holder ourselves. From friends and family, we received many nice and positive reactions. This prompted us to launch the holders on the market. Since then, we have had the pleasure of selling thousands of tablet holders and the GOOS-E “goose” has flown out to home and abroad.

Mobile Joy in every situation

GOOS-E mobile holders make tablet and phone use more fun and comfortable. In any situation, just the way you like it! Want to know how? Watch the video here.

For each Brand of Tablet & Phone

Whether you have an Apple iPad or iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy tablet or phone, or a large Microsoft Surface Tablet, GOOS-E has a suitable holder for every type of device.

Easy to Install

Installing a GOOS-E is easy. Switching from phone to tablet and vice versa is also child’s play. Curious about the installation? Watch the installation film here.

We have already told a lot … but maybe not everything yet;) Want to know more?

Just get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you!