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Gooseneck arm 75 cm black

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With this extra long, strong and flexible gooseneck, you can bring your screen into the perfect position. Bend the gooseneck with two hands. Then twist the screen for the best angle with maximum comfort. This 75 cm gooseneck is suitable to put on the floor. For instance next to your sofa, bed or relaxing bath.

GOOS-E goosenecks are easy to bend (with light force) and at the same time strong and stable. The first 20 cm part is straight, the second 55 cm part towards your screen is fully flexible. Suitable for both phone and tablet. And don’t worry, this neck won’t sag. That’s what makes GOOS-E so unique. It has a silicone rubber coating so you can easily clean this neck. See also the overview of our different goosenecks.

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