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Tablet-iPad-holder-Phone-holder-PRO-6-14 inch-GOOS-E

Tablet Holder + Phone Holder PRO (2 in 1) 6-14 inches – black

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This new Tablet iPad holder + Phone holder PRO is suitable for Tablets, iPad and phones from 6 to no less than 14 inches. It also fits a case (up to 16 mm thick). In short, an extremely convenient 2 in 1 holder!

✅ The stylish holder features a unique 3 point design. This allows you to easily place and secure your tablet in the holder.

✅ A 4-way spring system sets your screen easily, quickly and securely.

✅ This holder can be rotated and tilted 360 degrees. So you will always find the optimal and most comfortable viewing position.

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This package contains:

Universal holder PRO 6-14 inches

Suitable for